Food security is a global crisis that needs local solutions

Today, we depend on other countries for our food.

By 2050, more than half the world’s population will rely on food sourced outside their country. We’re already using 100% of the world’s available agricultural land and water. Our population is expected to double in the next decade.

A long food supply chain designed for efficiency has led to fragility. It puts people, the environment, and economies at huge risk. The global pandemic has accelerated these critical issues.

What makes this food supply chain situation so dangerous?

What will the world look like if we don’t make changes today?

We are running out of food and the resources to produce it responsibly, sustainably, and affordably. Generations of family farmers will lose their land. What’s left will be stripped of nutrients, traveling long distances, and creating waste we cannot afford. Places that don’t grow their own food or livestock feed will be at the mercy of circumstances outside of their control. Market forces, climate change, and natural disasters will have an outsized impact on families and communities who cannot get what they need to survive, let alone thrive.

Is a better future possible?

Yes! We can make changes today that will help secure food independence in communities around the world. Innovative farming technologies are changing what’s possible when it comes to food and livestock feed.

With our ingenuity and practical knowledge, we are doing more with less. Less water, less labour, less energy, and zero pesticides or herbicides. When farmers are growing indoors and onsite, produce is fresh, not picked early and left to ripen (or rot) enroute. Produce can be local, not traveling on a long supply chain that is inundated with disruptions every day.

What is the food supply solution?

Resilient food systems

We must grow what we eat where we live. To save our resources and ourselves, food and feed must be localized and grown indoors by farmers. We must create local independent food ecosystems now and for future generations.


CubicFarms agricultural technology

Not just better, totally different.

Our CubicFarm System is the new Tractor 2.0. We’ve developed patented farming technology for commercial scale, automated, onsite, indoor growing, 365 days a year. Our unique patented Crop Motion™ technology provides plants with an outdoor growing experience, indoors, while minimizing the environmental footprint by maximizing cubic space. Our Crop Motion™ technology moves hundreds of trays along a crop growing path every 90 minutes, for efficient single point accessibility using less land, water, energy, and labour.

HydroGreen fresh feed technology

Not just better, totally different.

As the world’s population increases, so does the demand on livestock producers to produce more food while retaining quality and affordable prices. Our unique HydroGreen Grow System and HydroGreen Vertical Pastures technologies empower farmers to grow their own nutritious feed indoors, reliably, and consistently. Our HydroGreen Farmer Partners produce indoor nutritious fresh livestock feed that is cost efficient, lowers GHG emissions and most importantly, benefits their animals.