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CubicFarms produce

The CubicFarm System grows delicious leafy green produce, herbs, and microgreens. By providing the perfect climate with the optimal amount of light, nutrients, water, humidity, and temperature in an automated, hydroponic, controlled growing environment, the plants reward you with the most nutritious, delicious, and best tasting produce, year-round.

From propagation to harvest, our commercial scale hydroponic, automated, indoor growing technologies grow more in less time than traditional outdoor farming. With our unique Crop Motion™ technology, hundreds of growing trays move under LED lights along a path from the back to the front of the modules, getting the right amount of light, water, and air flow to maximize their growth.

HydroGreen livestock feed

The HydroGreen Grow System and HydroGreen Vertical Pastures are patented modular on-farm technologies to produce predictable and consistent commercial-scale nutritious livestock feed year-round. The HydroGreen animal feed growing technologies are completely automated and grow highly nutritious livestock feed in six days.

Using less water, land, energy, and labour, the HydroGreen Grow System provides farmers with the technology they need to keep growing all year long, performing all automated growing functions including seeding, watering, lighting, harvesting, and re-seeding—all with the push of a button.


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