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CubicFarms offers a selection of automated indoor growing technologies and services for fresh produce, nutritious livestock feed, and efficient high-volume plant propagation. We are very proud to have assembled one of the most compelling portfolios of proprietary automated food and feed growing systems available in the world.

Science and technology that works with nature, not against it.

CubicFarms’ Crop Motion™ technology gives plants the perfect day, every day because they automatically move in a highly controlled environment. Hundreds of growing trays move under LED lights along a path from the back to the front of the modules, getting the right amount of light, water, and air flow to maximize their growth. The automated, hydroponic growing system uses 95% less water, no pesticides, or herbicides, providing predictable and consistent growing 365 days a year.

Grow delicious, fresh produce all year, in any climate, 365 days a year.

After three straight years of back-to-back E.coli romaine contamination and millions of dollars in wasted product, the industry is really looking for an alternative. CubicFarms products grown in a controlled environment make the risk considerably less, and your taste is completely dramatic – fresh crunch, velvety, less fibrous texture, more moisture making your produce uniquely flavorful.

Ron Chan

President Freshpoint (Division of Sysco)

What can you yield?

Inside an individual CubicFarm System module, you can grow:

Heads of Lettuce

1,900+ weekly
100,000+ annually

Plugs of Basil

5,500+ weekly
286,000+ annually

Lbs of Microgreens

240+ weekly
12,500+ annually

Introducing the best innovation since vertical farming.

Delivering significantly better benefits and results.

Improve the productivity of your fresh produce growing operation by incorporating our leading-edge hydroponic farming technology.

A CubicFarms system will lower your capital costs by reducing the resources required to produce high quality leafy greens:

Be part of the agricultural revolution

Quality produce

Our CubicFarm System provides the perfect climate with the optimal amount of light, nutrients, water, humidity, and temperature in a controlled growing environment; the plants reward you with the most nutritious, delicious, and best tasting fresh leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens, year-round.

Plant health

The movement of the trays causes them to swing back and forth ever so slightly each time the machine stops. This causes the plant just a hint of stress, which mimics conditions outside where there may be wind and movement, thus producing a much heartier plant.

Water savings

During each cycle, unused water is filtered and recycled back into the system, drastically minimizing freshwater consumption vs. traditional farming. To grow a head of lettuce in our CubicFarm System it only takes two bottles of water, compared to 40 bottles of water needed for field farming. The CubicFarm System uses 95% less water than traditional growing methods. Adjustable environmental controls in each growing module only use the amount of water required for each crop, saving millions of gallons of fresh water per year.

Labour savings

With our unique patented Crop Motion technology, the module brings the crops to the operator, requiring a smaller and stationary growing team who can work at a height that is ergonomic and comfortable. There’s no need for scissor lifts, walkways, or awkward bending with the CubicFarm System because the module brings the trays to the front doors for faster planting, growing, and harvesting.


A CubicFarm System is a cost-competitive indoor farming solution to address market demand. Our systematic growing programs lower production cycles to as little as 5 to 21 days, depending on desired size and variety of crop. Our systems grow produce with a longer shelf life, helping you to maintain your margins and reduce shrinkage.

Crop scale and configuration

If you are looking for a vertical indoor farming solution that can scale to meet your production goals for individual crops, our modular CubicFarms System is an ideal solution. Consistency and predictable yields are important factors for commercial scale crops. You can use one module to grow several types of produce, altering the configuration as needed.

Crop flexibility

The modules trays and inserts are easily switched out to accommodate a large variety of crops and crop densities to ensure maximum flexibility and productivity.

Land savings

Our current CubicFarm System is up to 52 times more land efficient than field farming.

When compared to traditional field farming, greenhouse growing, or warehouse-based vertical farming systems, a CubicFarm System produces much higher yields on a square foot basis by dramatically reducing the footprint of land used. This allows for easy co-location on existing sites and a much smaller land requirement to grow higher volumes of crops.

Energy savings

Each CubicFarm System was designed for optimal growing. A single row of LED lighting at the top of the module provides all the light and heat necessary, even at -40° in the cold winter months. Our unique Crop Motion Technology™ moves the produce throughout the module, rather than the many rows of lighting required in a typical “rack and stack” vertical farming solution.

Customize crop type

Our CubicFarm System enables you to customize and automate your growing environment and schedules by crop type! Each module is configured with interchangeable trays which make it easy to accommodate a wide variety of crop sizes and densities. By using our growing app to monitor module controls, the versatility of your crops and crop densities can be maximized for ultimate productivity and efficiency.

No toxic chemicals

Consumers are demanding safe and health food options. Our enclosed growing environment eliminates the need for pesticides or herbicides.

Consistent year-round output

A CubicFarm System will grow fresh produce with consistent colour, size and taste any time of the year and in any environment. Help your business address food security all year round, regardless of the weather outside!


Q. How is the CubicFarms technology better than other vertical farming manufacturers?

A. CubicFarms’ technology successfully launches our farmer partners into businesses that offer profitable business models at commercial scale, while remaining scalable. Our modules create ideal growing environments for each crop through automated controls, empowering farmers to grow multiple crops to maximum success. Additionally, our modules provide easy access to the plants, driving down operational and labour costs.

Q: Is the CubicFarms technology patented?

A. Our CubicFarms and HydroGreen technologies are patented, and some aspects of our technologies have patents pending in various global regions.

Q. Is your technology profitable?

A. Yes! The CubicFarms technology is profitable to propagate and grow produce. Our CubicFarms Customer Experience Team would be happy to connect with you to discuss the financial viability of our technology in your region for growing your produce.

Q. Vertical Farming is exciting, but daunting. Where do I start?

A. Our team has offerings and resources to provide you with market data, industry trends, and other tools to help you pursue your vision. From a quick phone call to a complete consultation, we’re prepared to help guide you to a plan that works.