Our Impact

Our farm technologies impact on people, resources, and the economy

With our commercial scale, automated, indoor growing farming technologies and support services, we help our Farmer Partners to truly make an impact in the world.

We’re converting wasteful long supply chains into localized food supply that benefits people, natural resources, and economy. We minimize unpredictability for farmers with consistent, nutritious fresh produce and livestock feed supply. Our goal is to create local independent food ecosystems now, and for future generations.

Impact on People

Empowering Farmers

In a Zero Hunger future, we need better local access to foods like leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens. Our indoor farm technologies localize food production by empowering our farmers to grow and produce commercial-scale fresh food and feed quantities within their communities.

Nutrition and Quality

Controlled environment, automated, hydroponic indoor growing system allows plants to experience the best conditions for the perfect day, every day. Our automated farming technologies grow fresher, crisper, better quality produce because they aren’t traveling long distances. Grow, pick and have it to your facility within 24-48 hours, it’s still live with the root on and getting nutrition as it travels.

Food Safety

Automated indoor growing system avoids the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides and dramatically minimizes contamination risks. The CubicFarm System and HydroGreen Grow System are controlled environments that grow nutritious, fresh produce and animal feed consistently.

Impact on Our Natural Resources

Reduced Natural Resources

Using less water, land, and energy are ways we are reducing our use of global resources. The environmental impact is lessened, greenhouse gases are reduced, and water is saved in areas hit by drought and water scarcity. We’re able to do more with less, which is better for the planet.

Resource Responsibility

All the agricultural land and water available in the world is currently in use. New ideas and agriculture technologies are needed to maximize growing while significantly reducing our water and land use, in some cases using 95% less water on crops. Shortening the supply chain and bringing food and feed production closer to home reduces emissions and associated greenhouse gases, which is essential for the future health of our planet.

Farmable Forever

Reducing the typical growing time while using less land, water, and energy makes ongoing, lasting farming more sustainable. We don’t need more land; we need to make better use of what we already have.

Impact on Economy

Local Jobs

Local food grown by local people, anywhere in the world. What could be simpler? By localizing food and livestock feed grown indoors using our farming technologies, we’re enabling more food independence​ for communities that need it and enabling local jobs.

Farmer Advocacy

We’re advocating for our farmers to receive government support for indoor growing and additional financing opportunities, empowering them to localize food production and operations so they can provide local jobs for more vibrant, thriving communities.

Farmer Security and Independence

Farmers are more efficient than ever, yet they face increasing risks and volatility every day. Becoming more independent is the goal of local, sustainable farming practices because we do not want to rely on other countries to grow and deliver the food we need.

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