CubicFarms’ agriculture technology was developed by Jack Benne, founder of Bevo Farms, one of North America’s largest plant propagation businesses, and his son Leo Benne. Bevo’s decades of growing experience have culminated in the next generation of Ag-Tech.

In 2008, Jack Benne and his son Leo Benne, both farmers themselves, visited a farm in Puerto Rico that had been devastated by a hurricane. They saw how difficult it was to grow fresh produce outdoors in challenging conditions. That sparked the idea for our CubicFarms indoor growing system that grows fresh produce indoors, 365-days a year, anywhere in the world.

Our HydroGreen Grow System, an indoor farming technology for growing nutritious livestock feed was developed by Dihl Grohs for his ranches in South Dakota, Utah, and Missouri. Dihl developed the concept of low-maintenance animal feed growing for his cattle in areas with limited precipitation. CubicFarms acquired HydroGreen in 2019.

Our indoor farming technologies

Predictable and consistent indoor growing

Our agriculture technologies were developed to enable independent local food and feed access, maximize crop yields, and to reduce environmental impact by maximizing cubic space. Our CubicFarm System is a patented modular hydroponic indoor technology to grow leafy greens, fresh produce, herbs, plants, and microgreens. Our HydroGreen Grow System and HydroGreen Vertical Pastures are patented modular on farm hydroponic animal feed technologies to produce predictable and consistent commercial scale nutritious livestock feed year-round.

Long supply chain food dependence and farmer unpredictability are dangerous


Empowering local chain agriculture

Our mission is to create indoor farming technologies to feed a changing world. To accomplish this, we must help farmers to keep growing. It’s our responsibility not to simply understand the global food security crisis we’re facing, but to take significant action. With our automated indoor modular agriculture technologies, we empower farmers to localize food, and livestock feed production at a commercial scale while also protecting our people, resources, and economy.


Enabling local food & feed ecosystems

Our vision is to transform the agriculture system to enable local food and feed independence. Our Local Chain Ag-Tech solutions directly empower farmers, protect our natural resources, and contribute to a zero-hunger future. We convert wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains creating local independent food ecosystems now and for future generations.


Food and feed localized in a responsible, sustainable and affordable way

With our commercial scale, automated, indoor growing technologies, and support services, we help our Farmer Partners to truly make an impact in the world. To save our resources and ourselves, food and feed must be localized, grown indoors hydroponically, and use less in a responsible, sustainable, and affordable manner. Our Local Chain Ag-Tech solutions directly empower farmers, protect our natural resources, and contribute to a zero-hunger future.